Assistance For Foreign Law and Accounting Firms

JTAX Can Assist Foreign Law and Accounting Firms With a Wide Range of Issues Including Incorporations, Tax, Payroll / HR, and Valuation / Due Diligence.

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JTAX works with foreign law firms and accounting firms to solve their client’s problems in Japan.

Whether your client is planning to expand into Japan or if they already have an established presence, JTAX has the knowledge, experience, and long-standing relationships to guide you through the issues and keep you informed.

Depending on your preference, JTAX can work directly with your client or we can provide a “white label” service whereby we work in the background providing support to your firm. Similarly, JTAX’s invoices can be directed to your firm or to the client.

Whichever approach is selected, our goal is always to support and strengthen your firm’s relationship with your client.

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