One Stop Solutions For Foreign Companies in Japan

The JTAX Team Has Unparalleled Experience Assisting Foreign Businesses in Japan.

The JTAX team has unparalleled experience assisting foreign businesses in Japan. We serve clients ranging in size from established multinationals to start-ups considering their first foreign operation. We are able to provide a comprehensive range of fully integrated professional services including incorporations, accounting, bank account management / expense payment, payroll / HR, Japan resident nominee directors, and work visas. Our goal is to provide all the services our clients require to establish and maintain their operations in Japan.

Japan Tax

JTAX provides comprehensive and cost-effective tax solutions to foreign companies and individuals doing business in Japan. For corporate clients, our work typically begins with consulting on matters such as appropriate entity selection, determining an acceptable tax structure (cost-plus, buy-sell, etc.), and VAT (consumption tax) planning. We then move on to provide ongoing support with a full range of compliance services including initial tax filings (required following incorporation in Japan), corporate tax returns, and consumption tax (VAT) returns. For individual clients, we are able to advise on essential matters such as tax effective compensation planning, end-of-assignment timing issues, and tax planning for directors of Japanese companies. Learn More >>

Accounting & Bookkeeping

JTAX can provide customized accounting & bookkeeping solutions to clients operating in Japan. A Japanese entity is required to keep its books in Japanese and in accordance with Japanese accounting standards. At year-end,the accounts must be attached to the corporate tax and consumption tax (VAT) returns. In addition to ensuring our clients maintain statutory compliance, we provide management reports in English on a monthly basis, prepared in accordance with each client’s specific requirements. Usually this reporting would be done in Excel which can then be uploaded into the clients own accounting system. Our team may also be able to work directly in a client’s accounting system. In addition, we can undertake special purpose accounting – for example for clients who are utilizing a tokumei kumiai structure in Japan. Learn More >>

Bank Management & Expense Payment

JTAX’s Bank Account Management & Expense Payment Service focuses on managing cash balances and making expense payments on behalf of our clients in Japan. Our service often commences with guiding clients through the complexities of opening a local Japanese bank account. Our Bank Account Management & Expense Payment Service then involves payment of regular bills (rent, utilities, etc.) plus approved non-regular payments from the client’s Japan bank account. Cash reports can be provided to the foreign head office on a weekly or monthly basis as required. We track cash on hand and make funding requests to ensure that sufficient funds are on hand. Utilizing JTAX’s Bank Account Management & Expense Payment Service ensures a high level of internal control.Learn More >>

Payroll & HR

JTAX offers comprehensive Payroll and HR solutions to clients operating in Japan. JTAX’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of both expats and locally hired employees. Payroll for expats often involves detailed initial consulting aimed at ensuring compensation is delivered in a tax efficient manner. This may include the use of company provided housing benefits and / or delivering compensation partly offshore. The concerns of those who have been locally hired commonly center on statutory social insurance and labor insurance. Payroll is run monthly and deductions are made for tax (local and national), social insurance, and labor insurance. Net pay is then deposited into the employees’ bank accounts and a payroll advice is delivered to each employee. Statutory deductions are then remitted to the relevant Japanese government agency. Learn More >>

Work Visa

JTAX offers fully integrated work visa solutions to its clients in Japan. This means that, in addition to handling the actual Japan work visa application, we can also establish the client’s Japan entity, and provide individual tax and payroll services to individuals who have been assigned to work in Japan. Once an appropriate Japan entity is in place,the work visa application process typically starts by matching a work visa category with an applicants proposed activities, qualifications, and work experience. In addition, the type of entity established by the client and such things as it’s paid in capital may be important. Learn More >>

Japan Outsourcing Services

JTAX’s Japan Outsourcing Service allows the important basic functions associated with running a company in Japan - tax, accounting, payroll, visa, etc. - to be handled by our qualified professionals. Outsourcing to JTAX leaves your Japan based employees free to focus on running the Japan business. JTAX can provide its outsourcing services either separately or as part of an integrated package. Learn More >>

Incorporate a Company
in Japan

JTAX is able to handle all of the steps required to incorporate a company in Japan. Most foreign companies will incorporate in Japan as either a Kabushiki Kaisha (“KK”) or a Godo Gaisha (“GK”). It is also possible to establish a Japan branch of a foreign company or a Japan Representative / Liaison Office. Our work often starts with consulting aimed at determining which business structure will best suit a client’s needs. Thereafter, we can help determine foundation issues such as the appropriate level of paid in capital and provide advice with respect to directors and shareholders of the new corporation. Once these issues have been decided, JTAX’s qualified professionals prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation with the Japan Legal Affairs Bureau. Learn More >>

Japan Nominee

Regardless of the type of entity established in Japan, at least one director will be required. JTAX is able to provide a Japan Resident Nominee Director to fill the director role and act on the client’s behalf in Japan. It is important to understand that the director of a Japan entity has full power to bind the company and this fact is a source of concern for most foreign companies. An experienced Japan Resident Nominee Director is an important component of many clients Japan internal control. In addition, the support of a local nominee director means the incorporation process will proceed more smoothly and practicalities such as bank account opening and entering leases will be less challenging. Learn More >>

Japan Registered Address & Virtual Office

Regardless of the type of business structure being utilized (i.e., Kabushiki Kaisha (“KK”), Godo Gaisha (“GK”), Japan branch of a foreign company, Japan Representative / Liaison Office), a legal registered address in Japan is required. JTAX owns the office through which we offer this service which ensures long term stability and avoids the expense / disruption associated with address changes. Beyond satisfying this minimum legal requirement, JTAX can also assist with virtual offices and serviced offices. Learn More >>

Due Diligence, Valuation, & Integration Services

JTAX is able to support clients making acquisitions in Japan. Our core services include valuation, due diligence, and deal integration. Once an acquisition has been completed, JTAX is able to assist with ongoing accounting and tax compliance to assist foreign management in monitoring the performance of the new acquisition. Learn More >>

Japan Real Estate Investment Services

JTAX’s team assists clients with their existing or planned investments in Japan real estate. Our clients are diverse and range from individuals to foreign property developers and real estate and pension funds. We provide comprehensive solutions including sourcing appropriate real estate assets, advice regarding structuring, and ongoing compliance during the life of the investment. JTAX can also assist with exit planning including advice on issues such as asset vs entity sale. For individuals receiving rental income from property located in Japan, JTAX can assist with individual tax returns and help clients remain compliant. Learn More >>